Common Garage Door Problems

Having trouble with your garage door every time and you are tired of it?

Maybe you have tried DIY troubleshooting options unsuccessfully.

However, it would be best if you start by knowing the most common garage door problems before thinking about the remedies needed.

Below are several issues that you might have experienced with your door.

Noisy garage door.

A garage door opener could be noisy due to several reasons.

The door hinges can be worn out or damaged hence causing an unusual noise.

Garage door noises come from the squeaky parts.


Gaps and Cracks on door panels

Gaps are mostly found in wooden garage doors.

To avoid the enlargement of the cracks, you need to find a sealant or a waterproof filler.


Dead garage door remote batteries

This is yet another problem that might affect your garage.

You ought to replace the remote batteries more often.

If your remote loses its programming, there arises a need to re-tune it afresh.


The garage door won’t open all the way.

A door failing to open completely is a problem.

The switch is attached to the track close to the motor.

However, if it is mounted far from the motor, it will break before opening entirely.

This problem is rare because it can be identified during fixing.

If it happens, you are supposed to move the switch away from the motor unit.


Worn-out weather stripping.

A weather sealant is necessary to keep water out and sealing the air leaks.

It would be best if you replaced the weather sealant whenever it is broken by removing the old one and installing the new sealant.

The weather sealants are always locally and readily available.


The door closing and then opening immediately

If your garage door opens and then closes quickly after, there could be a problem with the springs.

They might have lost the required tension to handle the garage door consistently, and they could need a replacement.

Alternatively, there could be an issue with the configuration of the photo-eye of your door.

This is usually a small plastic device that acts as a safety and security feature.

This feature is generally located on both sides of your garage door.

How do I confirm the photo eyes are aligned appropriately?

This is usually an easy task as all you need is to check whether there is some green flashlight coming from the device.

If there is none, then try checking if there is any obstruction in front of the photo eyes.

If you are sure everything is alright and they are still not functioning, adjust both sides of the photo-eye with an equal height from the ground.


Garage door fails to seal completely to the bottom

Your garage door should not leave any form of space after closing.

In case there is a space left on any side of the door, you should know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

To solve it, you need to use a pipe filling to help secure it in place.

Getting the pipe should not worry you as it is available at any local store.


Broken door remote

This is a prevalent mechanical problem for any garage door.

When this happens, the first thing to do is checking the batteries you are using to ensure they are right for the remote.

Secondly, you should check whether the cells are well installed, and if need be, they ought to be replaced frequently.


Garage door opener isn’t working

This usually happens when you are using a wall controller or remote.

And what causes the problem?

To this question, the main issue is always on the photo eyes at your garage door.

Another factor that may lead to this problem is an issue with the power supply system of the door opener.

To work on the issues, you must check whether the photo eyes are well configured along with testing the electrical outlet, possibly with a different device.

Any time your garage door experiences a problem, you should always be sure to check whether there is any form of rust or corrosion on it.

This measure will not only solve your garage door problems but also offer maintenance to it.

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