Top 10 Best Ways To Maintain Your Garage Door

The garage door is considered the most cumbersome and largest moving part in a home. It is also used every hour of the day.

Maintaining your garage door is vital to make sure that you have an effective, safe, and working system to avoid any form of accidents that may occur.

Maintaining your garage door must be done every quarter, especially if you have an electric door opener.

There’s nothing as disappointing as coming home to an unattractive or faulty door.

To avoid your garage door from being unattractive or faulty, you have to maintain it.

We at Reliable Garage Door Services will be giving you some door maintenance measure that every Raleigh, NC homeowners must take.

Here are some door maintenance measures that you should take.


  1. Pay Close Attention to the Sound

The best preventive step homeowners can take to pay attention to the sound of the door each time you open it.

Is the door jumpy in places or moving flawlessly?

Does it work silently, or does it produce scraping or grinding sounds?

Do the pulleys, springs, as well as cables, look symmetrical?

If your door produces annoying sound, then it is the best time to call Reliable Garage Door Service for some assessment.


  1. Tighten Up the Parts

The garage door works thousands of times yearly.

That is a lot of vibration, as well as movement that can lead to the hardware slacken off.

Check and squeeze all bolts and roller brackets using a socket wrench.


  1. Test the Balance of your Garage Door

When your garage door is not balanced, the opener will require to work harder, thus leading to malfunction in just a short period.

After you cut off the door opener by dragging the release handle, move the garage door manually about halfway up.

In case it doesn’t hang about, the springs or counterweight systems are not balanced.

The adjustment of garage door spring must only be done by an expert. Reliable Garage Door Service is an expert in this kind of issue.


  1. Examine and Replace the Door Rollers

The garage door rollers, regardless of materials, have to be examined at least two times a year and replaced every seven years.

However, you can replace the rollers if you use the door many times a day.

Cracked, chippers and worn rollers must be replaced immediately.

This can be done by removing as well as reinstalling roller brackets which are attached directly to the cable.


  1. Replace Weather-Stripping

When the weather seal strip on the bottom of the garage door is broken or brittle, immediately replace it to keep elements out.

Weatherstripping can be purchased by the foot at home improvement shops.

Simply cut the size and insert the grooves with the broad angle of the extension inside the garage door.


  1. Lubricate Moving Components

Keeping the components of your garage door lubricated will add many years for flawless operation- and it only takes ten minutes yearly.

When lubricating the door openers, it is advisable to use white lithium grease.


  1. Check Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are one of the most vital yet dangerous parts of a garage door as it enough force to kill and maim.

However, you can test out the condition of your cable, so know when to get the service of an expert.

Test out for cracked strands and damage close to the underneath roller bracket.


  1. Examine and Auto Reverse Security Features

The garage door system has two mechanisms; photocell and mechanical. To test out the automatic feature, put a small brick or wood on the floor in the way of your garage door.

If the door coming down contacts the brick, it must reverse direction and go back up once more.

To try the photoelectric close the garage door and pass your right leg in the path of your door. This must reverse.

Once the opener of your garage door is twenty years old, it might lack this safety measure- and so it is best to purchase a new opener for your door.


  1. Clear the Garage Door Tracks

Ensure your garage door tracks are free from any debris.

You can utilize a level to test out the plums.

You can call Reliable Garage Door Service to adjust the tracks.


  1. Groom the Garage Door System

Never forget to check the garage door itself.

If your garage door is made of wood, make sure to check for warp and water damage.

Make sure to check is the paint is peeling or chipping.

If your door is made of steel, check for the rust.

Wash your door daily using a mild cleanser.


Call an Expert to Keep Your Garage Door Working

Keep in mind; a garage door plays a vital part in your home.

Therefore, make sure that it works well and always fresh and clean as well.

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to do maintenance jobs, call Reliable Garage Door Service to schedule a tuning service.

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